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The total estimated initial investment range is $46,450 – $77,400, Per our 2021 FDD.

In addition, you must have access to an additional $100,000 minimum liquid cash or an equivalent credit line. This is used to cover your costs of the tires your customers' order throughout the first year.

You can learn more about the costs by visiting our investment page or by contact us today.

The primary difference in owning a Smart Tires Franchise vs owning a traditional tire business is there is no need for a physical store.

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Yes. Every Smart Tires franchisee is assigned a protected territory based on the area they can service.

Everytime an order goes through our website, it is fufilled by a local Smart Tires franchisee, regardless of how it origionated.

We have streamlined the entire process for our franchise owners. In most cases, you can have your new tire business up and running within 60 days. Go here to learn more about our business model.

As a Smart Tires franchise owner, you pay for the tires your customers order up front and then return a profit as your customers make thier monthly automatic payments over the course of 12 months. However, tires are shipped directly from our distributor to the installer, so you never have to hold any physicall inventory. All you need to run your business is a phone and internet access.

Smart Tires has a network of local dealers and repair shops that install ever order for free to the customer. As a franchisee, one of your roles is to build relationships with new local installers to expand your territory.

America's fastest growing tires franchise

Our franchisees are independent entrepreneurs who are rewarded for their hard work and dedication to their customers. That's what makes us the fastest growing tire franchise across the U.S.

We are looking for smart people like you

Smart Tires requires no prior experience in the tire business. Our most successful franchise owners often have a background in other industries. We are looking for self-starters with a history of building successful businesses.

Own your own business and be your own boss

Smart Tires is a highly attractive franchise opportunity because we’ve made it rediculously simple for people to buy tires they can afford without the hassle of going to a dealer. If you want to take control of your future, get in touch with the team at Smart Tires today.


Join us in revolutionizing how hard-working Americans shop for tires. Call the number above or request our franchise information kit online.